Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Eat What They Eat and I Don't Lose Weight!

My friend and I every year buy the People Magazine special edition, "Half My Size".  It shows before and after pictures of individuals who have lost half their body weight and tells their stories of how they've accomplished it and kept it off.  Every year we expect their stories to inspire us to do the same. 
I'm always looking for inspiration to help me in my weight loss journey and I now follow a number of blogs that do just that.  In fact, you've all inspired me to start a blog of my own - thank you!

Make one good choice today - it can lead to another.
-Kara Lea

Fiber One cereal with skim milk

1/2 c bing cherries
1/4 c carrots, raw
3 slices turkey deli
4 triscuit, low fat
1 string cheese
Bottle water

1 creme stick (it was someone's birthday at work)

1/4 applesauce
1 small beef tenderloin
1 c butter noodles
glass of crystal light

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