Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Month Later . . .

Good News . . . I've at least maintained the weight I've lost so far.  I don't know how though.  I still haven't started an exercise program and I'm ashamed to post what I've been eating.  Bad news . . . if I had been trying as hard this past month I may have been down another 10lbs.  I have to keep reminding myself this is going to take time.  My biggest obstacle has been achieved . . . realization of what I truly need to do the rest of my life-awareness now of losing weight and keeping it off.  I've gone back to some bad habits and I've got to end them.  It's like I'm an addict to eating poorly!

1 pc of toast w/butter and homemade strawberry jam
1 pc of toast w/butter and peanut butter
1 glass OJ

2 hot dogs
mac n cheese
crystal light

a bowl of beets
2 bites of potato salad
sprite zero

sugar free jello pudding

Make one good choice today, it can lead to another! God Bless- Kara Lea