Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back in the saddle!

To make a long story short . . . here's where I've been for the last 3 mos.

Our 11 year old daughter broke her arm rollerskating for the 1st time.  Upon her visit to our local emergency room, x-rays found a large tumor that ran the entire length of the ulna bone that broke-which was a very bad break.  But after much testing, and testing and testing - it is believed to be benign!  The break is completely healed, but we continue to monitor the tumor.  She is still growing and her orthopedic oncologist doesn't want to disturb her growth plates by doing surgery or anything right now.  So we continue to have it monitored, but it's sounds like all will be fine!

Going through all of that and then the holidays . . . well let's just say my weight has crept back up and then some.  So here I go again, back in the saddle losing weight for good. 

Life is best lived by focusing on one day at a time.

Make one good choice today, it can lead to another! God Bless- Kara Lea

1 piece banana bread

Cold veggie pizza
cheddar rice cakes
diet 7up

Small cheese burger
carrot sticks

3 hershey kiss