Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I Just Would Have Stuck With It

I was sitting at my desk today at work wondering how much weight I would have lost and what I would currently look like if I had just stuck to the weight loss plan I started back in Sept. of 2010.  What had happened that caused me to give up after losing 16 lbs?  This is terrible, but I don't remember!  I think it may have been something with exercise.  What's different now from back then?   My mind set is different.  It's like the weight loss light bulb has finally turned on verses flickering on and off.  I want to thank all my new blogger friends for helping me do this.  All you're experiences and stories are helping me.  THANK YOU!

Make one good choice today, it can lead to another!
God Bless-
Kara Lea

1 WW string cheese
1/4 Nature's Path Pumpkin Flaxseed granola
Sorry, hectic morning!

Salad with fat free italian dressing
1/4 C carrots
1/4 C fit & active vanilla yogurt with cinnamon & blueberries
7 Low fat triscuits

2 slices thin crust veggie pizza from pizza hut
1 bread stick
1/2 C pizza hut chicken alfredo parm pasta
diet cherry coke
(too hot to cook!)

1 hershey kiss
1 WW rasberry ice cream bar

Points 35

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