Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Turn the Other Cheek

Have you ever just wanted to be totally up front and honest? A co-worker who gets her feelings hurt because you go to lunch and don't tell her you're going . . . a friend who always is telling you about her life, but never asks you about yours . . . hubby who always is talking about the next tournament he's entering, but he never wins them to recoup the money . . . those "I'm a christian", but you wouldn't know listening to me talk about other people . . .

I sometimes imagine myself telling these individuals how I really feel! Imagine if we could do this and not have any fall outs from it.  I don't mean to be self righteous or mean, just frank and directly honest. I would NEVER do this however. Because the few times I have let go, the guilt was crazy and the fall out ugly and really not worth it.

Do you walk away? Or are you a more direct person?

Make one good choice today, it can lead to another! God Bless- Kara Lea

1 comment:

  1. Yup, sure have.

    I'm sorta coming to an awareness that people actually aren't very nice most of the time. And I dont mean that in a bad way -- it's just that people with pure, open, giving hearts are rare. Everyone else, just making it day by day by day.

    I had a friend say something to me the other day so breathtakingly rude that I gasped out loud. Not only was it rude, it was a comment designed to hurt me where I'm the weakest. Horrible beyond words.

    WHen I repeated it to my two closest friends, one cried and the other wanted to grab the nearest baseball bat and start swinging.

    My advice -- remember that most people are pretty self-centered and when you find someone with a heart full of love, treasure them