Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Standards Too High?

I was once told in a work evaluation that my standards are too high and  that I needed to lower them.  I was floored by that!  I still am, until lately.  (I wish I had asked my supervisor to specifically explain it.)
The last few weeks I've fallen off the weight loss wagon. My attitude is terrible. I'm numb and it's like I'm in a fog.  I think I should'nt eat like this but I walk calmly into the food light and go do it anyway. There are other areas of my life as well that I do well at and then I fall off the wagon. Socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically I am doing great and then I just  . . .??? In those areas too I feel like I'm on the outside looking in and knowing what should be, but I just can't mentally or physically do it.  I just give up and zone out.

I'm trying to figure out why. With the help of so many great blog reads and various web sites I'm beginning to think about my boss's comment on me. Do I have such high standards, especially on myself, that I just eventually burn out without even realizing it.  Am I so hard on myself that I eventually can't live up, subconciously, to my own standards? Is this why I zone out and then eventually gain strength and start over again only to get burned out again?

The scary thing is I don't know if my standards are too high for myself. I don't see them that way if they are.

Do you set your standards too high?


Make one good choice today, it can lead to another! God Bless- Kara Lea


  1. Standards too high? Yes indeed! I am so guilty of this.

    You've seen the phrase 'be kind to everyone'? Well, YOU are part of 'everyone.' Be kind to yourself as well. So you fell off the wagon and made a bad choice or a series of bad choices. In a way -- so what? The sun still came up today, you are still the same beautiful soul you were yesterday, today is still perfect.

    I love your blog title for its simplicity and its perfection. Just make one good choice and see where it goes!

    You are in my thoughts


  2. I make a lot of impossible goals, but break them down into attainable chunks to keep myself from getting disapopinted.

    My standards for my own behavior, productivity and abilities are high. Which sometimes gets me in trouble ESPECIALLY when I start imposing my ridiculous standards on other people. heh. Then more often than not... a hunbling experience that reminds me to chill out happens.