Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Upbringing Influences

My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in April and we are celebrating it for them this Saturday.  My sis is home from Florida and the whole family can get together then.  I've been put in charge of doing a collaboration of pictures for the event.  I want to do a nice job and create something on the computer that I can burn CD's for everyone in our immediate family.  That being said . . .



OMGosh!  In junior high I was the awkward, not very thin girl who stayed that way until my sophomore year.  (I won't go in to how I became thin back then-you can only imagine and relate I'm sure), but my Mom was always skinny.  Up until maybe mid-thirties, then she started gaining.  About the time I hit junior high.  My mom is very heavy now and has been for the last 20 years.  Prior to that she did those mid life diets whenever she got down about her weight.  Remember the shake diets in the 80's?  When they scooped this powder stuff out into a glass of water or milk or something-I don't know what she actually did.  Then there was the grapefruit diet thing, the dexatrim diet thing and the whole "I just won't eat" diet thing.  I love my mom, but as I look back I never remember her exercising.  And I always remember her telling me that since she was thin growing up and into her mid life that it didn't really matter anymore if she gained.

My journey of weight loss is not only about the physical but the emotional and spiritual and the mental.  Is this subliminally why I don't feel the need to exercise even though I know it's important.  I view exercise as a chore I don't like to do.  And is the reason I've kept myself heavy for so long based on the proverbial "It's what's on the inside that counts" message I grew up with? 

Do you think your upbringing has influenced your healthy, or lack of healthy, lifestyle? I'm not blaming my Mom-I don't go down that road.  We are our own persons to make our own decisions, but I think I was influenced.  Which scares me because I know it wasn't done intentionally, but what message am I unintentionally sending my daughter about a healthy lifestyle?

Make one good choice today, it can lead to another! God Bless- Kara Lea


  1. Our parents are a HUGE factor in determining a child's ability to appreciate healthy foods and healthy activities. I can see a direct effect on my life and patterns that started at home. I'm not a parent, so I haven't fought the vegetable battle with a toddler or whatnot, but example is a great way to positively influence your kiddos.

    By no means do I think that my parents MADE me fat... as much as their own behaviors and thoughts about food and exercise rubbed off. I'm glad I can undo that though.

    1. So true-we are accountable for ourselves and I'm glad we're both making the decision to better ourselves in this area.

  2. oh absolutely!!! my mom kept the pantry locked and there wasnt even anything good in there. just canned corn and stuff. we were never ever allowed junk food. not even sugary cereal. and IF she did bring something desserty in the house it was strictly for HER only....i told myself when i grew up i would eat anything i wanted. i now see some obvious flaws in that plan... oh well. we can get beyond it. in the end it's on us.

  3. You sound so healthy about all of that! Good for you that you've resigned yourself to get healthy-that' the biggest part of the battle. It really is-was for me. Now I'm beginning to recognize, like you, the effects and I'm going to do something about it too.
    I love your blogs-last one especially! I love to laugh and enjoy life too!

  4. I wish my mom had talked to me more about healthy eating. For years I didn't even realize how bad my eating actually was. Ignorance is bliss, until you step on the scale I guess :p

  5. My Mom was a heavy kid, so the minute she saw me put on the natural baby fat, I was on a diet. As an adult she was thin when I was a kid and it was really important to her that I be thin. However, we always had bad stuff in the house and I don't remember prepared meals except for dinner, so I was left on my own to choose food for breakfast and lunch. I remember eating a lot of cinnamon toast. Not good!!

    I'm working hard for a healthy body and I'm 50. My goal is not to be a fat Grandma!!

    Keep focused!!!

  6. When I was growing up, so much emphasis was put on outward appearances. It's something I have to really work on even now, and especially as a mom to two impressionable daughters. I don't want them to grow up with the idea that it's all about their looks, but at the same time I want them to be healthy and happy. It's a balance I'm not always sure I'm keeping...but I'm sure trying!

    Great blog by the way...I'll be following from now on.

    Be blessed!

  7. How I was raised definitely plays a role in how I approached food -- it's still a struggle, but I keep trying to learn more and make positive changes for my future ... and then try to bring my parents along on the journey with me too.

    Weight loss is definitely more than just physical ...

  8. My mom was a yo- yo dieter too. And no exercise. I was influenced by all that hopefully in a good way not to be like that . I love to exercise and hate to " diet" I did gain weight in mymid 30's, but now in mymid 40's iam back to what I was in mymid 20's... Well close to it. And all do to exercising and healthy eating. I hope I a setting a good example for my daughter